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Further to Bishop Daniel Miehm communications on September 19, 2020 regarding the social limit gatherings being reduced across the province, effective immediately.

-Social gatherings indoors have been restricted to 10 people.

-Social gatherings outdoors are now restricted to 25 people.

Places of worship remain at 30% capacity with 2 metres/ 6 feet of physical distancing, hand sanitizing, regular cleaning and the Health Unit Orders pertaining to the wearing of face coverings/face masks in place.


*Clarification on provincial restrictions:

The reduced limits do not apply to places of worship that are monitored - this assumes that physical distancing, the wearing of face masks, washing of hands, etc. are in place. While gathering indoors with groups up to 50 in a parish hall with all of the restrictions is permissible - the real question as we move into the second wave of the pandemic is - is this advisable, prudent, and wise care of each other?

Yesterday, the Premier is released the province's plan for the second wave of COVID19. Given the numbers in the Durham region and the increasing numbers in Ontario - it might be good to consider the question beyond - what can we do? - to - what should we do?

Additionally, the Bishop will be releasing an announcement to be read at every weekend Mass during the pandemic. As you know, this is a serious matter and every effort to assure the faithful in that regard will provide them with reassurance.


Upcoming Special Collection Information:

—Needs of the Canadian Church – September 27th

There are two (2) October POPs (automatic withdrawals for those signed up for these special collection donations) as follows:

—The original, pre COVID-19, special collection for the Pope’s Pastoral Works was scheduled on May 15, 2020. Parishes were notified that this special collection was re-scheduled by the Holy See to October 4th, 2020. POP was NOT processed or withdrawn from parishioner’s bank accounts on April 15, 2020. This collection was rescheduled by the Holy See to October 4th, 2020 and will be withdrawn by POP on October 15, 2020.  Envelope Collection will be October 4th.

—World Missions POP date remains unchanged from the original special collection withdrawal date of October 15, 2020.  Envelope collection will be October 25th.

 Hence the two withdrawals for parishioners on October 15th, 2020.


The additional masses at St. James and St. Anne’s at 9:00 am will end after Thanksgiving.  There will be no Cranberry Festival this year.

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